‘The One Health initiative: Theory and practise in sustainable Poultry Production’ 17 th June, 2016- Warsaw, Poland

Following the great success of the first PROHEALTH national event in Poland in 2015, we held a second event on 17 th June 2016. The event was hosted by Warsaw University at the venue of the Hotel Windsor and attracted an even larger audience of 250 attendees this year. The exciting programme, delivered mainly by Polish speakers, centred on the use of antimicrobials in the poultry sector with perspectives from industry and academic research alike.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Professor Szeleszczuk and the Warsaw University team for their superb effort organising this second highly successful PROHEALTH national event. We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a third PROHEALTH event in Poland next year from 25 th – 26 th May 2017. This two-day event will have a day dedicated to poultry production as well as an additional day for swine production next year… More details are to follow soon. We look forward to seeing you there next year!


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